Weekend Update

Another weekend has passed. I mostly spent the time playing X-Plane 11 and Super Mario Galaxy. Also watched some Dragon Ball Z.

With X-Plane, spent most of Saturday morning trying to deal with a buggy beta software and a buggy beta aircraft for a VA flight. Had some issues with the throttle which totally ruined my engine start-up. I made a second flight later that morning where I ran into mostly operator issues…me forgetting to turn off the Packs during engine start-up, forgetting to set my landing profile in the FMC, etc. It was a bit of a rough landing at KMCO with -400 fpm, but it’s still enough for me to record for my PIREP…which means I’ve got my flight for this month settled.

Other than that I picked up some new addons. Scenery addons mostly; KMCO and KMIA since I fly in those areas a lot. Next week, I might pick up KORD and KFLL since I love Nimbus’s scenery for XP11.

The hardest part sometimes with flight simming is figuring out what airplane I want to fly. While the principal of flight is much the same for each aircraft, handling the systems of an Airbus is completly different than a Cessna, a King Air, or a Boeing. It seems as soon as I get proficient with one aircraft and start learning a new one, I begin to forget about how to operate the old aircraft.

I’m pretty good at the C172 and the B738. I’m not “great” at them though, but they are my pick-up planes for when I want to simply pick up the sim and fly.

As far as learning new aircraft. I’m not sure where to start next. For GA, I want to learn more about Piper aircraft, so maybe the PA-28 for my next flight? No idea what to do for turboprop (King Air? Q400? Saab 340?). Airliners I definitely would like to fly more of the Airbus A320 or the MD-88. Each aircraft takes hours to learn though…and finding the time and patience to learn each aircraft can be daunting.

Other than that, been playing tons of Mario Odyssey. Great game, and it’s a shame I put it on hold a few months ago because I’m enjoying it a lot.


Update for Thursday

Hey World,

Did a little bit of Train Simulator yesterday. Not a lot though as I had things I wanted to do with X-Plane.

The main thing is I “re-joined” a Virtual Airline. I was previously a member of Delta Virtual, but after 90 days my membership lapsed. After that, there was some internal issues and the VA split into two. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I ended up going with the new VA since I don’t know the status of the old one.

That said, I hope to at least get one flight in each month. I need a good reason to get back into practicing flying with airliners now that I’m somewhat competent in flying them.

I also have FS Economy which I plan on doing some more hours in, it’s perfect for GA flying, and I need more practice in the C-172 and the PA-28, so I’ll have my hands full.

I’ve been thinking a lot about normal gaming. I mentioned a bit about the Switch. I think one of the reasons I love playing that and the 3DS so much isn’t just the familiarity of the games themselves (Mario, Zelda, etc…), but the portability. Being an adult gamer I don’t always have a lot of time or patience to sit in front of my TV and play a game for 4-5 hours. But with a portable system, if I have something that I need to tend to, it’s as simple as closing up the console…plus being able to play at work during breaks is a definite plus.

That’s not to say PC or PS4 gaming doesn’t have its place. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn or the Witcher are fantastic, yet they are sprawling games that require at least an hour of devotion to do what you need to do. Yet in the evening, between visits from family, grocery shopping, and other responsibilities, every hour counts.

Anyways, not sure what the plan is tonight. I did some C-172 practice yesterday. Tonight, I might practice in the Piper Warrior II. Unfortunatly I’m flying in real world weather, and it’s been crappy weather here at home. I tried VFR flying around London but even there I’m trapped underneath a blanket of clouds. Maybe I can switch over to LA or Florida…just somewhere clear.

In Train Simulator I’ll continue my journey to Newcastle, then to Edinburgh. From there I might travel to Glasgow or Perth, not sure which yet. With Glasgow I could travel down to Carlisle, so that might be a fun trip.

I picked up Dragon Quest Builders for the Switch (double dipped on that). It’s one of those games I rather play on handheld. Maybe I’ll sell the old game or keep it stored somewhere? I’ll be playing that tonight.

Started watching The Expanse Season 2. I don’t recall much of what happened last season so I was a bit lost at first. But the show is starting to pick up and I’m eager to continue watching it.

Got a new figure in yesterday of Jack-O from Guilty Gear XX. I wish I had a screen to share (I’m at work currently), but it’s a beautiful figure!  Maybe I’ll upload it later.

Simulator Stuff

​I’m back into simming again. Usually when I get in this phase, I have a lot I’d like to do and I enjoy it a lot.

What’s the plan today? In Train Simulator, I’m going to travel from York to Newcastle. Stopping at Darlington and Durham. I’ll use the Class 43 (Virgin Livery) for this route.
I did a flight in X-Plane yesterday in the C-172. It went really well, it was a smooth landing and I didn’t foul any of the spark plugs during taxi. The hard part with taxing is trying to maintain my speed as I’m not quite proficient at using the toe brakes. With the MFG Crosswind you really have to push hard on the pedals at the same time, so I sometimes suddenly jerk the plane while braking or I drift left or right. I think the issue was I was taxiing at 1000 rpm to prevent fouling the spark plugs and riding the brakes, which from what I understand isn’t the best way to taxi. I’ve read that once you taxi, you can adjust the RPM accordingly as long as you are aggressive with leaning the mixture.
I want to practice in the Just Flight Piper Warrior II. I like the airframe more than the C-172, but the autopilot isn’t as good as the C-172. The sounds are fantastic though, it really makes my speakers rumble. I’ll probably end up flying both tonight.
I ordered a new mount for my setup. I had a Wheel Stand Pro mount for my steering wheel and pedals, but would like something similar for my flight sim setup. It’s a bit pricey at $200, but it keeps the joystick and rudder pedals from sliding all over the place, and it’s easy to store.
With gaming, I started up a new game called Farming Manager 2018. I really like it so far, it’s a bit like Farming Sim, except you have more control over the aspects of farming. Speaking of which, I need to get back into Farming Simulator whenever I get the chance.
I also started Golf Story for the Switch. It’s really charming and I enjoy the humor. I’ll see if I can play more tonight if I have the time.

Had a good three day weekend!

I’m approaching my simming phase again. Did a wipe of my simulators a few weeks ago only to end up reinstalling them (on my SSD this time). It’s not a bad idea to start fresh every once in a while.

I mostly just get burned out on too many games. It’s like doing a single hobby over and over again, it gets tiring after a while…at least for me (ADHD and having multiple hobbies is a common trait).

I’ve simplified my to-do list to a more category-focused approach. I created three lists: Story-Based, Multiplayer, and Endless. I’ve found it’s far easier to focus on one game at a time rather than 4-5 games per console. If I’m bored playing one game in one category, I can just move on to the next.

This week, the single-player focus is mainly on Assassin’s Creed Origins. I picked up the Season’s Pass which gave a free Level 45 boost to my character, which unfortunately makes much of the early game very easy and it takes away some of the enjoyment of leveling up. The positive side is my character is now able to one-hit kill anything and it feels a lot more fluid, like the older Assassin’s Creed games. It also makes the game fly faster since I don’t have to retry a mission over and over again.

On the multiplayer focus, I picked up Final Fantasy XIV again and I’m comparing with Elder Scrolls Online. They both have their pros and cons. The pros for FFXIV is mainly with aesthetics, traditional MMO gameplay, flexible class system, awesome job system, friendlier community (got a, and story; the cons are mainly with lengthy queues (30-60 minutes) just to pick up a mandatory quest to progress with my character or with the story. I don’t have that kind of time in the evening just to stare at a queue.

For ESO, the pros are exploration in a beautiful world, faster queues, better soloing, and character flexibility; the cons are repeating the story per character, lack of class flexibility (one character per class), restricted to only 5 skills, and ugly character aesthetics (IMO).

I’ve always been a big fan of FFXIV and I have a deep attachment to my character, I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to make progression…which is what stopped me from playing months ago. I suppose I could always just level another class or gather materials as I wait. Or perhaps I could just play another game while I wait.

Aside from single-player games and multiplayer games, I have endless games to chose from. These are game that simply have no ending and are there just to waste time…stuff like arcade games, simulators, strategy games, etc. This week my focus is on a couple of train simulator scenarios and perhaps some flight simming.

The only thing holding me back from flight sims is that I’m going to need to download and install a bunch of mods again. Not only that, but the setup is a pain…to make a flight I need a minimum of half an hour just to start up the airplane. The practice in start-up can be just as fun and important in flying, but flight simming in general can easily suck up an entire night.

Lastly, apart from gaming, what am I doing?

I just saw Ready Player One, and it prompted me to read the book again. I’m also watching Dragon Ball Z along with Doctor Who. But that’s about it.

Weekly Update

Just another update this week.

I put FFXIII on hold for now. The repetativeness is really beginning to wear on me and I need a break from it. I played a bit of Final Fantasy XII, and it’s a nice change from the later game, although it remains to be seen of the MMO-like mechanics will win me over.
Working on a few games. Here’s the list of what I want to work on this weekend:
The Witcher 3
Call of Duty WWII
Yakuza 0
Monster Hunter World
Super Mario Odyssey
Monster Hunter Stories
I also want to work on a couple of scenarios for Train Sim World, probably do some early Saturday morning as a nice way to relax.
Additionally, I’m playing through a few endless titles: Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Maker, and Surviving Mars.
A lot to do this weekend, I know I won’t be able to get through it all (real life and all), but it’s a list to start with.
I’m also going to try to work my way through the last few volumes of Dragon Ball. I’m at Volume 12, and there’s 4 more to go.
I’d like to watch some of the Phoenix Wright anime. Not so much to “spoil” the games, but to recount the events of the first game before I start the second game. I heard the anime is just okay, but I have nothing else to watch this weekend.


This week it feels like I’m in the act of life simplification. It became a bit complex after I reorganized my room, moved my consoles around, and picked up some new games.

I cut back immensely on my to-do list. I had pages of things I wanted to do, it was overwhelming. Now the list is cut back to:

  • Play Final Fantasy XIII
  • Read Dragon Ball manga
  • Listen to Harry Potter audiobook
  • Watch an anime (haven’t decided on one yet)

It opens up my evenings and makes me less likely to get frustrated going to appointments and such because I have “so many things” I want to do at home.

Reading manga has also been a great boon. I can read an entire chapter of Dragon Ball within 5 minutes. Compare that to spending 20-25 minutes watching an anime episode of that same chapter. When you add all that up, it can add to dozens of hours of extra filler that I can read in a few hours in the manga.

Not only that, but manga is the source material, so I read the original vision and intent of the author, and not an interpretation by a studio.

Lastly, particularly with Dragon Ball. It’s hard to find online. Funimation and Hulu has the original series, but nobody seems to have DBZ Kai. I don’t want to spend dozens of hours watching the original DBZ with all the filler.

Anyways, other than entertainment. I’m supposed to look up some people on OKCupid as a suggestion from my psychologist. Not sure why she’s so insistent on me getting out and dating. I really don’t care too much about it. But I’ll have to find an explanation on why I haven’t done it in over 3 weeks since our last visit.

But there’s my week. I’m going to just make time to relax and enjoy it, while making it as simple as possible.

A New Leaf?

This morning I’ve made significant progress in Final Fantasy XIII, last night I made significant progress in Dragon Ball (the manga and anime).

I think I’m finally headed toward a more simple direction. One of the problems I have is what I call the “What to play” syndrome. All too often I have so many games and entertainment choices, but just too little time to do anything. So I default to a simulator or something just to pass the time. And if I force myself to enjoy something, I end up hating it as it feels like a chore.

I hope to change that somehow.