Monthly Update

The month of January took an interesting turn. I started off with a goal of working through my gaming backlog, primarily focusing on JRPGs. I ended it just watching TV.

It came out of the blue really. I found a good 4k TV for a good price, and I’ve been looking for a decent TV for a few years now. I also replaced my old soundbar for a better one with quality sound. Why not enjoy some movies, anime, and TV shows I’ve skipped out on?

Just yesterday I upgraded my TV provider. I get double the channels now, including ones I’ve missed the most since dumping Comcast a few years ago.

As a result, I’m spoiled for choice. On top of gaming, there’s now a huge backlog of TV shows I’m going to work my way through…but unlike gaming I don’t feel bogged down in game mechanics, boss battles, repetitive elements, etc. I just sit down, watch, and relax.

There are a few games I’d like to play though, just recently got Wargroove so I’ll try to play that today. I also got Resident Evil 2, but some of the difficulty (sparse save points, limited ammo, backtracking, difficult puzzles, etc) deter me from playing more. Lastly, I picked up Ace Combat 7 which I really do enjoy (as an aviation nerd), but haven’t put too much time into it. I haven’t picked up Kingdom Hearts 3 yet since I haven’t played any of the other games in the series. I might watch some playthroughs on YouTube or something before picking it up.

For now, I’m just enjoying watching some reality TV shows before I get into some different series on Netflix and such.

I have also been in the mood for simulators lately. Orbx has finished up their Great Britain scenery addon, but it comes at a steep cost. I also have to spend a few hours updating various addons before being able to get back into X-Plane 11. Did a few runs on Euro Truck Simulator 2 though, and that was fun I guess…also would like to play some Train Sim World if I have the time.


What’s New?

Hey there,

Got myself a new 4K TV, a new soundbar, and a 4K AppleTV to match. So I’ll be spending a little more time watching some shows and playing PS4/Switch games in 1080p (previous TV only went up to 720p). No plans for the PS4 Pro. With the exception of a few games with enhanced graphics and frame rate support, I don’t see much need for another PS4.

I’ll still be using my PC for most of my other games, primarily FPS’s and games I already own. The only exception is The Witcher 3, which I have over 20 hours on the PS4 and I’d like to continue that save instead of starting from scratch on the PC version.

For JRPGs and console exclusives though, I’m going to try to clock in some more hours on the PS4.

The new TV presents a little more of a challenge in my gaming backlog plans. Now that I can enjoy programming in 4K/HDR/Dolby 2.1 sound, I am going to find myself more into watching movies and TV shows, and less time with gaming. My plan for this is to spend my weekdays watching anime, TV, and movies, then my weekends on gaming. I think this plan will work out, since I’m often too exhausted to play games during my evenings and rather just chill on the couch and watch a show.

I’m not sure what I’m going to play this weekend just yet. I’m considering a bit of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with Promods, but I just can’t be bothered to purchase/download the updated mod, install (and set the priority order) of the mod, set up the wheel, set up the VR headset, do some calibrating, and then after half an hour finally play…in the same amount of time I could be playing or watching something else.

I always enjoy sims when I get them up and running, but sim “maintenance” is just too much.

So what are my plans this weekend?

No clue, I am just going to wing it for once instead of trying to plan things out.

Busy Christmas

Been a busy Christmas season so far. I have the week off, so I’ve been working on some stuff around my room.

So far I have most of my 1/6 scale figures on display now. I have two left, which I might open up later today, along with another two expected to be delivered today.

My plan is to limit figure purchases to a few high quality figures in 2019. The problem I have is that I own a lot of cheap figures that add up over time and take up way too much space. After sorting many of these out, I realize that I don’t need that many figures.

The same goes for games. I’m in a transitional phase at the moment where I’m trying to decide a good genre to stick with for 2019 that I can reasonably knock out without getting burned out. I fully intend 2019 to be the year of catching up on my backlog. So far this is plan.

Action: There’s a lot of great games that I want to play in 2019. I’d like to play Spider-Man, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Horizon Zero Dawn, NieR Automata, and the Yakuza series.

JRPGs: This is the big one. JRPGs take up a lot of time, and I fully intend on having at least one in my playlist along with the other genres. I’d like to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Persona 5, Dragon Quest XI, Tales of Berseria.

Indie: There’s a lot I’d like to check out. They don’t take as long to play, and many I can play portability on the Switch. I’d like to play Celeste, Bastion, Transistor, Inside, Stardew Valley, VA-11 Hall-A, Banner Saga, and a few others.

CRPGs: There are quite a few I’d like to play, but the open-ended nature of many of these games make them take a really long time to play, making them not as much a priority. I’d like to play Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin 2, Pathfinder Kingmaker, and The Witcher 3.

Strategy: There’s some games I’d like to play, but it’s hard to justify spending 20 hours on a game of Total War or Civilization VI to possibly end up losing…when I can knock out an action game or a few indie games in the same amount of time. Still, I might play a bit of Total War: Warhammer 2, Civilization VI, and XCOM 1 and 2.

Simulators: This is on the bottom of my list. These games are mostly for relaxation when I don’t necessarily want to play a game or watch an anime…but simply drive a truck, fly a plane, or drive a train from point A to point B. Usually these are something to do on an early Saturday morning. Games I’ll be playing are American/Euro Truck Simulator, X-Plane 11, DCS Word, Farming Simulator 19, and Train Sim World.

So with that said, that’s my gaming plan. There’s a few other things I have planned for 2019 (such as catching up with One Piece), but I’d like to get some of the easier stuff out of the way.


Here’s my list of upcoming and ongoing projects that I will carry on into 2019.


The big thing here is to cut down on my gaming backlog. I haven’t quite decided how to tackle this, but there are a few things that I’ll do that can help.

Stop purchasing games

This one is the most obvious, but the one most difficult to overcome, especially when there are countless deals on Steam or other eShops that sell discounted games for a few bucks. The big thing for me is to limit AAA games to about one a month, if that…

Stop playing “endless” games

This one is also very difficult, especially since I’m fond of certain endless game genres such as simulators, multiplayer games, or strategy games. I enjoy these types of games, but often feel as if I’m “wasting time” and feel less relaxed and enjoyed into the game as a result. A 3 hour flight from point A to point B might be fun at the beginning and end of the flight, but the 2 hours in between my PC is nothing but a glorified screensaver.

Focus on different levels of gaming

I haven’t quite worked this out yet, but my issue is that when I’m involved in a 100-hour JRPG, where do I find the time to squeeze in a 3-hour long Indie title or a 20-hour shooter? Do I focus 100% of my time on the JRPG until it’s done? That’s a quick way to get burned out…

My goal instead is to create a list of three games I’d like to play. Preferably one long game, one medium-length game, and one short game. I’m uncertain how often to cycle out this list, whether I cycle it daily, weekly, monthly, or keep it indefinite until each game in each category is “done”. I’ve been stunted today because I haven’t been in the mood for the three games on my list: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, NieR: Automata, and What Remains of Edith Lynch. So what do I do? Pick some new games to play? Find something else to do? I’m not sure yet…


As well as a gaming backlog, I also have a figure backlog. I have a lot of figures that I’d been meaning to put on display but haven’t due to the fear of breaking the value of the item…and the laziness involved in figure assembly and throwing away the boxes associated with the figures.

With that said, there’s a few key projects I have in mind:

  • 1/6 Scale Project.
  • Sort out Nendoroids.
  • Stop buying figures.

The 1/6 scale project is basically setting up my 1/6 scale figures I currently have and setting up a few new figures I have on order. I have Daenerys Targaryan, Link, Boba Fett, and Ada Wong currently awaiting to be put on display. I also have some imported figures and accessories that I’m going to be working on soon: Yuna from FFX and Supergirl. I’m also building a custom business suit girl from a hodgepodge of parts including a headscupt, a body, shoes, clothing, and accessories. I’m also considering obtaining a custom Dancer girl Harley Quinn since the Hot Toys variant I like has a creepy looking headsculpt. But I’m going to wait until the current figures are set up before purchasing any new ones.

I also have a lot of Nendoroids taking up half a shelf in the closet, unopened. There’s a place I already have in mind to display them that takes only 1/4 of the same space with every figure comes out unboxed, so it’s just a matter of me getting the figures set up. The problem is that it takes a while to set up each figure and I’m just too lazy to do it.

As far as anything else, purchases will be at a minimum. My goal is to focus more on quality figures, model kits, and LEGO sets since I have way too many 1/8 scale anime figures that are just taking up a lot of shelf space.

Model Kits/LEGOs

There’s also the other kits I’ll be working on. My next big project is the Saturn V Rocket. After that I have a Mega-Blox Pikachu as well as a bunch of smaller LEGO figures and other stuff. I also have a backlog of Gundam models (including Unicorn) that I’d like to visit sometime in the future…but one thing at a time.


I probably won’t focus as much on Manga as I will with anime. Not to say manga is inferior, but I prefer the audio/visual experience of anime, and with Hulu/Netflix/Crunchyroll, there’s no end to how much I can watch…just need to keep it easy for now.

Year’s End

This year has been somewhat uneventful. Basically, it doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished as much as I wanted to, and all I did was just “go with the flow”. Next year I plan for something drastic, and I am starting on that plan sooner rather than later.

I’m also going to set a tight financial budget and I’ll need to exclude any extra unnecessary things to accomplish that. I’ve realized though, that I’ve focused a bit too much on quantity over quality. 

This year, I’ve got more games, more books, more figures. That’s going to have to change next year. I’m going to limit my selection of games, chose only the art books I want to read, and focus on the very best figures. Quite frankly, I have no time to spend on all of my games and books, and I am simply running out of shelf space at home.

With gaming, I’ve established a new Backloggery account. I’m going to focus on two-three games at once. One long game, one short game, and one really short/indie game. I haven’t quite worked out the logistics of how I’m going to rotate out certain games yet, simply because I’d go insane if I was still playing the same game 3 months in a row because of it’s length.

There are games I’ll be deleting from my backlog as well. I’m trying to avoid endless games: strategy games, simulators, and multiplayer-only games. I’m also getting rid of games that simply don’t capture my attention after about an hour or so. With that, it should provide a nice framework of getting my backlog finally manageable through next year.

Ultimately, this plan should put me with greater financial independence in time for 2020, and should provide plenty of fun as well. Let’s see how it works!

A New Week

This week has been uneventful with flight simming. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to do a couple of flights, but I couldn’t convince myself sitting for 2-3 hours flying from Copenhagen to Greece unable to play anything else, including the new Assassin’s Creed or Forza Horizons 4.

I did get a few console games this week: The World Ends With You Remix, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and WWE2K19. I’m enjoying the former two, but the last game I’m mixed on. The controls are just too damn awkward, resulting me in losing nearly every wrestling match, on easy. With that said it’s still a good game, and I love the intro animations for many of the wrestlers.

Not much else to talk about today. Just going to enjoy the rest of my last day off before heading back to work tomorrow.

Gaming Week

I really want to do some simulation stuff, but damn…it’s expensive.

Let’s start with X-Plane 11. I wanted to do a flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen. It crashed before I even got off the ground, not once but twice. I still can’t figure out why the sim is crashing, but it only seems to do it on one particular aircraft. Another issue I had with the flight was the STAR approach was not playing well without ATC guidance. Basically I’d have to vector myself to the airport which is unrealistic.

P3D solves that problem, I haven’t had a crash on that program in months and I have an excellent ATC program that gives me the correct vectoring I need to begin my approach. The downside is that it’s hella expensive. The default airport for Copenhagen looks like ass, and if I want to purchase a professional version of the airport it’s going to cost me $30.

So in the meantime I’m not playing either sim. I just don’t have patience for it at the moment.

In the meantime I’m filling my time with other activities. I picked up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which is sucking up most of my time. I’m also playing through Forza Horizons 4 which is the best racing game this year IMO.

I’m watching a lot of One Piece and finished the Skypiea arc. I’m bouncing back and forth between the anime and manga. While I enjoy the art, music, and voiceovers from the anime, sometimes the pacing is a bit off, so I’ll switch to the manga which has much faster pacing…but just reading it I feel a bit bored when I can just lay back and watch an anime for 20 minutes.

I’ve also lost my 3DS. I’ve looked all over the house and I can’t seem to find it. Fortunately Monster Hunter Stories and Phoenix Wright is on iOS so I’m just playing those games on my phone instead.

So that’s that for the weekend. Not sure what else to do except just relax and try to get some stuff done around the house.