Back to the PC

It’s been a good few months on console. Finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was incredible (and full of nostalgia).

I’m back to PC gaming again, albeit not in the most ideal of conditions. Since the Coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on my personal office/gaming room project, I’ve had to do most of my work in a crowded room filled with cardboard boxes.

Eventually, however, I plan on cleaning it up. I’d like to move most of my old Japanese figures into some storage compartments, move out the old bed and have an open space in the middle of the room (perfect for VR room-scale gaming), and ultimately upgrade my PC.

The only thing holding me back, however is that most of my friends are console gamers. If I want to play The Division 2, for instance, I need a copy of the Division 2 for the PS4, instead of having it already on PC.

On PC, I get better graphics, mouse and keyboard support, Discord chat. Also, with gaming services (EA Access, Game Pass, and UPlay), I don’t have to spend much on gaming other than a monthly fee.

So in that regard, I’m considering keeping PC as my primary gaming device and sticking to consoles for just exclusives.

With that said, hopefully we’ll get out of this pandemic soon so we can go back to normal life.

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