More Thoughts on PC Gaming

A few weeks ago I talked a bit about setting the PC as the primary gaming setup. Since then, I found going back is more difficult than I’d like it to be.

When doing the costs for a modern upgrade, I ran into difficulties. The issue right now is while my PC was a powerhouse 4 years ago, nowadays it’s simply average. To upgrade it, I’d need a new processor and motherboard, I’d also like a new case with more fans to cool it. In order to get all of that, I also need a new power supply. Also my current RAM is not compatible with the desired motherboard, so I need more memory as well. Adding up all the costs, it ends up being somewhere over $1000. Add in a new video card and I’ll have to put down another $600. Even worse, with the pandemic, I can’t even order many of the the parts because of shipment delays.

Do I necessarily need the upgrade right now? Not really. An overwhelming majority of my PC games are strategy games, simulators, MMORPGS, multiplayer games, and CRPGs. Most of those don’t need a PC powerhouse, and run well at 45-60+ FPS.

But at the same time, when it comes to games like Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon, Modern Warfare, Far Cry, or Doom, I feel frustrated when my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X both outperform my PC in 4K HDR for less than half the cost. When the PS5 and Xbox Series X come out, they will both blow my PC out of the water.

So when it comes to new games like Cyberpunk 2077, what platform do I pick it up for? Do I get it for the PC where I can crank up the graphics and play it as the developers intended at an enormous cost, or do I pick it up for the current consoles (and next gen of consoles), and enjoy it without the fuss over PC upgrades?

Tough decisions.

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