Busy Week!

I’m off today. I’ve done so much in the last week it’s nice to have a day off to just lay back and relax.

What have I been up to? I’m undergoing a major house reorganization. My grandmother recently decided to move out. My room at the moment is packed with too much stuff, so I’m now able to spread out without having to move out to a new apartment.

Basically her room is my new bedroom, and my old room is going to be an office/gaming room.

To make the bedroom more “livable”, I picked up a 55 inch Samsung QLED TV with a matching soundbar and moved my Switch and PS4 there. I also replaced all the old broken down 80’s-era wooden furniture for modern furniture. I also have a subwoofer on the way in the mail (assuming Amazon doesn’t “lose” my delivery like they did several times last month).

At the moment, however. My old bedroom is a mess. It has much of my grandmothers stuff still boxed up, and the bed will have to be moved to another room (with that bed + mattress needing to be replaced). The boxed up stuff will have to be placed into the outside closet, and the outside closet will need a majority of the stuff trashed/donated.

The bathroom needs renovation as well.

While I love PC gaming, there’s nothing like laying down in a bed and playing a game on the console on a large 4K HDR display with a great sound system. I’ve decided to leave PC gaming to just strategy games, CRPGs, MMORPGs, and simulators, and console for the rest.

So what am I playing?

Black Desert Online. I try to find some time on the PC to play it, though with the week as it has been (and a cold and cluttered room), I’ve been avoiding playing it.

Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. I’ve missed out playing this game a few years ago (came in around the time of Breath of the Wild). Playing it now, it’s a lot of fun, and such a beautiful game too. I’m looking forward to spending more time on this.

Other than that, watching One Piece and some shows on Netflix. Nothing much else.

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