Weekend Update

Another weekend has passed. I mostly spent the time playing X-Plane 11 and Super Mario Galaxy. Also watched some Dragon Ball Z.

With X-Plane, spent most of Saturday morning trying to deal with a buggy beta software and a buggy beta aircraft for a VA flight. Had some issues with the throttle which totally ruined my engine start-up. I made a second flight later that morning where I ran into mostly operator issues…me forgetting to turn off the Packs during engine start-up, forgetting to set my landing profile in the FMC, etc. It was a bit of a rough landing at KMCO with -400 fpm, but it’s still enough for me to record for my PIREP…which means I’ve got my flight for this month settled.

Other than that I picked up some new addons. Scenery addons mostly; KMCO and KMIA since I fly in those areas a lot. Next week, I might pick up KORD and KFLL since I love Nimbus’s scenery for XP11.

The hardest part sometimes with flight simming is figuring out what airplane I want to fly. While the principal of flight is much the same for each aircraft, handling the systems of an Airbus is completly different than a Cessna, a King Air, or a Boeing. It seems as soon as I get proficient with one aircraft and start learning a new one, I begin to forget about how to operate the old aircraft.

I’m pretty good at the C172 and the B738. I’m not “great” at them though, but they are my pick-up planes for when I want to simply pick up the sim and fly.

As far as learning new aircraft. I’m not sure where to start next. For GA, I want to learn more about Piper aircraft, so maybe the PA-28 for my next flight? No idea what to do for turboprop (King Air? Q400? Saab 340?). Airliners I definitely would like to fly more of the Airbus A320 or the MD-88. Each aircraft takes hours to learn though…and finding the time and patience to learn each aircraft can be daunting.

Other than that, been playing tons of Mario Odyssey. Great game, and it’s a shame I put it on hold a few months ago because I’m enjoying it a lot.

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