Update for Thursday

Hey World,

Did a little bit of Train Simulator yesterday. Not a lot though as I had things I wanted to do with X-Plane.

The main thing is I “re-joined” a Virtual Airline. I was previously a member of Delta Virtual, but after 90 days my membership lapsed. After that, there was some internal issues and the VA split into two. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I ended up going with the new VA since I don’t know the status of the old one.

That said, I hope to at least get one flight in each month. I need a good reason to get back into practicing flying with airliners now that I’m somewhat competent in flying them.

I also have FS Economy which I plan on doing some more hours in, it’s perfect for GA flying, and I need more practice in the C-172 and the PA-28, so I’ll have my hands full.

I’ve been thinking a lot about normal gaming. I mentioned a bit about the Switch. I think one of the reasons I love playing that and the 3DS so much isn’t just the familiarity of the games themselves (Mario, Zelda, etc…), but the portability. Being an adult gamer I don’t always have a lot of time or patience to sit in front of my TV and play a game for 4-5 hours. But with a portable system, if I have something that I need to tend to, it’s as simple as closing up the console…plus being able to play at work during breaks is a definite plus.

That’s not to say PC or PS4 gaming doesn’t have its place. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn or the Witcher are fantastic, yet they are sprawling games that require at least an hour of devotion to do what you need to do. Yet in the evening, between visits from family, grocery shopping, and other responsibilities, every hour counts.

Anyways, not sure what the plan is tonight. I did some C-172 practice yesterday. Tonight, I might practice in the Piper Warrior II. Unfortunatly I’m flying in real world weather, and it’s been crappy weather here at home. I tried VFR flying around London but even there I’m trapped underneath a blanket of clouds. Maybe I can switch over to LA or Florida…just somewhere clear.

In Train Simulator I’ll continue my journey to Newcastle, then to Edinburgh. From there I might travel to Glasgow or Perth, not sure which yet. With Glasgow I could travel down to Carlisle, so that might be a fun trip.

I picked up Dragon Quest Builders for the Switch (double dipped on that). It’s one of those games I rather play on handheld. Maybe I’ll sell the old game or keep it stored somewhere? I’ll be playing that tonight.

Started watching The Expanse Season 2. I don’t recall much of what happened last season so I was a bit lost at first. But the show is starting to pick up and I’m eager to continue watching it.

Got a new figure in yesterday of Jack-O from Guilty Gear XX. I wish I had a screen to share (I’m at work currently), but it’s a beautiful figure!  Maybe I’ll upload it later.

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