Simulator Stuff

​I’m back into simming again. Usually when I get in this phase, I have a lot I’d like to do and I enjoy it a lot.

What’s the plan today? In Train Simulator, I’m going to travel from York to Newcastle. Stopping at Darlington and Durham. I’ll use the Class 43 (Virgin Livery) for this route.
I did a flight in X-Plane yesterday in the C-172. It went really well, it was a smooth landing and I didn’t foul any of the spark plugs during taxi. The hard part with taxing is trying to maintain my speed as I’m not quite proficient at using the toe brakes. With the MFG Crosswind you really have to push hard on the pedals at the same time, so I sometimes suddenly jerk the plane while braking or I drift left or right. I think the issue was I was taxiing at 1000 rpm to prevent fouling the spark plugs and riding the brakes, which from what I understand isn’t the best way to taxi. I’ve read that once you taxi, you can adjust the RPM accordingly as long as you are aggressive with leaning the mixture.
I want to practice in the Just Flight Piper Warrior II. I like the airframe more than the C-172, but the autopilot isn’t as good as the C-172. The sounds are fantastic though, it really makes my speakers rumble. I’ll probably end up flying both tonight.
I ordered a new mount for my setup. I had a Wheel Stand Pro mount for my steering wheel and pedals, but would like something similar for my flight sim setup. It’s a bit pricey at $200, but it keeps the joystick and rudder pedals from sliding all over the place, and it’s easy to store.
With gaming, I started up a new game called Farming Manager 2018. I really like it so far, it’s a bit like Farming Sim, except you have more control over the aspects of farming. Speaking of which, I need to get back into Farming Simulator whenever I get the chance.
I also started Golf Story for the Switch. It’s really charming and I enjoy the humor. I’ll see if I can play more tonight if I have the time.

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