Had a good three day weekend!

I’m approaching my simming phase again. Did a wipe of my simulators a few weeks ago only to end up reinstalling them (on my SSD this time). It’s not a bad idea to start fresh every once in a while.

I mostly just get burned out on too many games. It’s like doing a single hobby over and over again, it gets tiring after a while…at least for me (ADHD and having multiple hobbies is a common trait).

I’ve simplified my to-do list to a more category-focused approach. I created three lists: Story-Based, Multiplayer, and Endless. I’ve found it’s far easier to focus on one game at a time rather than 4-5 games per console. If I’m bored playing one game in one category, I can just move on to the next.

This week, the single-player focus is mainly on Assassin’s Creed Origins. I picked up the Season’s Pass which gave a free Level 45 boost to my character, which unfortunately makes much of the early game very easy and it takes away some of the enjoyment of leveling up. The positive side is my character is now able to one-hit kill anything and it feels a lot more fluid, like the older Assassin’s Creed games. It also makes the game fly faster since I don’t have to retry a mission over and over again.

On the multiplayer focus, I picked up Final Fantasy XIV again and I’m comparing with Elder Scrolls Online. They both have their pros and cons. The pros for FFXIV is mainly with aesthetics, traditional MMO gameplay, flexible class system, awesome job system, friendlier community (got a, and story; the cons are mainly with lengthy queues (30-60 minutes) just to pick up a mandatory quest to progress with my character or with the story. I don’t have that kind of time in the evening just to stare at a queue.

For ESO, the pros are exploration in a beautiful world, faster queues, better soloing, and character flexibility; the cons are repeating the story per character, lack of class flexibility (one character per class), restricted to only 5 skills, and ugly character aesthetics (IMO).

I’ve always been a big fan of FFXIV and I have a deep attachment to my character, I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to make progression…which is what stopped me from playing months ago. I suppose I could always just level another class or gather materials as I wait. Or perhaps I could just play another game while I wait.

Aside from single-player games and multiplayer games, I have endless games to chose from. These are game that simply have no ending and are there just to waste time…stuff like arcade games, simulators, strategy games, etc. This week my focus is on a couple of train simulator scenarios and perhaps some flight simming.

The only thing holding me back from flight sims is that I’m going to need to download and install a bunch of mods again. Not only that, but the setup is a pain…to make a flight I need a minimum of half an hour just to start up the airplane. The practice in start-up can be just as fun and important in flying, but flight simming in general can easily suck up an entire night.

Lastly, apart from gaming, what am I doing?

I just saw Ready Player One, and it prompted me to read the book again. I’m also watching Dragon Ball Z along with Doctor Who. But that’s about it.

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