Friday Update

Hi World,

Had a good week, been playing a lot of Yakuza 5 in preparation for Yakuza 6. It’s a bit slow at times, but it holds my attention just enough to keep playing. I’m going anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour + each day so it may take me a while to get through it. Hopefully I can put some more hours into it this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of other games I want to play: Super Mario Odyssey, God of War, Street Fighter V, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Deemo for Switch, Monster Hunter Stories, etc…so I have plenty to do this weekend.

I’m watching Persona 3: The Anime. Finished watching the first three movies and now on to the fourth and final one. I put it on hold yesterday though to continue on with DBZ Kai. I’d like to get into another anime, such as Konosuba or Steins;Gate 0, but I only have so many hours in a day.

Also focusing a lot on X-Plane 11. Picked up some new aircraft today to play around with this weekend. the E170/E195 and the Pipistril Panthera. I’m also generating some local ortho scenery for my home state. I changed my mind on orthos…they take a huge amount of space, but for local VFR flying, it’s certainly a lot better than staring at generic textures.

Also been bouncing between weather addons. I have issues with xEnviro. With the latest update, frame rates are down about 15% from default…even at optimal settings. Even worse, I can’t fly the Saab 340A due to some conflicts between their plugin and xEnviro…and I’m way too impatient to wait for a fix.

On the other hand, I am using Ultra Weather XP which is nice. There’s some issues I have with NOAA reporting old data (overcast on a clear day, for example) so I’ve disabled that plugin. Using default I see some other oddities as far as weather reporting, perhaps due to bugs in the latest beta revision. It also has some weird way of updating where the surrounding weather will suddenly regenerate as you enter a new METAR station. I hear some of that is fixed with FSGRW…but that costs some money that I don’t know I’m willing to spend just yet. The default isn’t too bad, so I might just stick with that for now.

I’ll be playing some Train Simulator tonight. There’s finally a fix to a route I’ve been wanting to play for weeks. Along with that I’m eager to do another route in the Class 390 or perhaps a German route. I’d also like to do another NYC scenario this weekend. Probably tomorrow morning.

Also on my todo list: new beta update for Euro/American Truck Simulator I’m eager to try out, and I’m itching to play Car Mechanic Simulator.

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend!

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