Groundhog Day Friday!

It’s been a good week. Cleaned up much of my closet, and did some computer upgrades.

Placed my PS4 in my gaming area now. I hated having it in front of the TV, especially given that it’s only 720p. It was also hard to read crucial messages from that distance.
That’s not to say I hate gaming in front of the TV, I’m still keeping my legacy consoles there and the Switch.

The Switch, at least I can move to my room any time, plus I have friends who would like to play in a spacious living room. The PS4, I feel isn’t as crucial.

The setup works great, my new headphones have a Line-In and Line-Out (that automatically cuts off when my headset is on) and my monitor has an audio output as well. What I did was plug in the speakers to Line-Out, the monitor to Line-In, and the audio will switch on it’s own. Not only that, but the monitor has an input selector so I can chose between HDMI or DVI with a push of a button. Really nice!
Looking forward to the weekend. Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but still have a lot of work to go in my room.

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