Cleaning the Closet

Spent the entire night yesterday cleaning my closet. What an undertaking that was, and I’m not even completely done yet.

The hardest part so far has been sorting out the clothes I want to keep and the ones I want to give away. I have a lot of nice shirts that I have no hanger space for, so I ended up putting them in my dresser, which meant I had to move my t-shirts elsewhere.

Unfortunately I put my t-shirts in a dusty bin for now, but I figure a worn $15 t-Shirt shouldn’t take valuable space from an $80 Ralph Lauren Polo.

Just like with cleaning my shelving space, I need to maintain this over time, that means going through once a week and figuring out what I do and do not need.

Tonight I plan on cleaning the other half of my closet. I have a lot of stuff to throw out, and it’s best to get it over with early. I also plan on sorting the dining area so my D&D stuff has a place to sit.

Didn’t do a lot of gaming yesterday. Spent about half an hour on Final Fantasy XIII on PC. Not a big fan of the gameplay on my last play through on the PS3 (which I never finished), but I love Lightning’s character. I hope playing on PC offers a different experience, especially since I have Japanese audio enabled (the voice actors are really good compared to the stiff American voice actors).

Also played some Witcher 3. I’ve been listening through the soundtrack in my car recently and it got me pumped up to play the game again. Such a great game, one of my all time favorites.

This morning I picked up some new Train Sim routes that I’m totally excited about. Got a couple located around Frankfurt, Germany (regional and local); one from Newcastle to Edinburgh, Scotland; and one from Paris, France. I’m going to spend a lot of hours on these routes! So excited!

Just found out Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 is coming out on PC next month. I always wanted to play through the first game, but it came at the end of the PS3 lifecycle so I never got a chance to play it. Now I can play through the series, which I plan on doing soon.

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