This Week’s Update

I think I should label this blog as “Thoughts that are too long for Facebook”, because that’s typically what I use this outlet for.

This was another long week of room organization. I cleaned out most of the dust, I just have one shelf full of figures I’ll need to clean up. Also need to work on my window sills, since I have a lot of dusty stuff and garbage starting to pile up there. I’ll probably get some of that done tonight.

The biggest thing is the closet. It’s not just a matter of rearranging, but it’s getting rid of a lot of stuff. I have no problems getting rid of cheap Lootcrate trinkets, but sorting my clothes is going to be difficult. I love wearing polos, but I have a bit too much. What do I want to keep, what do I want to give away? I just don’t know yet…

I purchased another shelf. I replaced the glass display shelf I had previously for a matching shelf. Immediatly not only do I notice the visual change in my room (there’s more uniformity), but I also gain twice as much space, since my figures are no longer cramped into a 2×2 glass space. I went from 4 shelves being at full capacity to 2 shelves being at 2/3 capacity. I already had plenty of room before, but now I have a LOT of room for everything!

I also tried picking up a new desk, but the only one I could find was too large, and everything else seemed to have too little of a benefit to be worth the purchase. The one thing I hate about my current desk is there’s not enough space for a second or a third monitor, and the keyboard doesn’t slide out (I ended up nailing a board to hold my keyboard)

Eventually I plan to take some pics of my setup and my figure collection, but not right now, I still have much to do until I’m happy with the arrangement.

I picked up Monster Hunter World. I’m enjoying it a lot, but unfortunatly there’s a really cool event where I can pick up some Palico armor, but I need to be something like Rank 6 to obtain it. That’s a lot of hours of work, and MH is one of those games where I like to enjoy it at my own pace…so odds are I probably will skip out on that quest.

For Monster Hunter, I found I needed a headset if I wanted to do some online hunting. I had a dinky little one from the original box, but I can’t find it, plus it felt just useless. I instead used the wireless headset I had for my PC, which works suprisingly well. That meant though, that I had no headset for my PC, so I picked up an Arctis 7 from Steelseries. Amazing headset and I feel it’s a lot better than my last one. It was highly rated as well. It also has an option to switch over from the headset to the desktop speakers when the headset is turned off, which frankly was what sealed the deal (no more tinkering around with my system defaults if I want to change over to USB audio).

I figured, since I am already changing out my headset, I may as well change the weakest component of my system…the speakers themselves. I picked up a cheap set about 5 years ago for $20, and while it served me well, it was never as good as the headsets I have. But now, with the new setup I have…the sound is simply amazing. Granted, it’s not Bose quality (which would run me at least $400 and bother the hell out of the neighbors), but it’s a great setup indeed.

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