Moving Forward

Been a busy couple of weeks. Here’s my update.

First, ended up logging off of Facebook for good. Just tired of it. It’s something like 90% ads, 5% content from people I know, and 5% content from people I barely speak to. Wading through all that just to see one or two posts is a waste of time. I usually use it to get the latest game news, but with that being the case, it’s easier just to use Twitter.

It’s not “deleted”, I still need it for Spotify and Instagram and other services. It’s just going to be inactive for a while.

Today I decided to delete X-Plane. As much as I love virtual flying and with all the addons I’ve invested into it, it’s just something that takes too much time to “maintain”. Basically, each and every addon I have is constantly being updated. If I stop flying for a month, I am spending hours trying to download and update the Aircraft, Terrain, Orthos, Plugins, Airports, etc. I had over 1TB of data just in the sim alone, it’s insane. I jumped on to X-Plane a few months ago to learn to fly a 737. I feel like I accomplished that and it’s just time to move on.

I’ll be on DCS, IL-2, and War Thunder for my flying fix. At least there’s some objectives there and I have a better knowledge of military aircraft. Plus, other than downloading an update once every month or so…there’s no addons to maintain.

Invested a lot of time in Train Simulator in the past month. It’s relaxing, but the bugs have been irritating me. Ran into one bug yesterday where a light wouldn’t turn green, so I sat there for 5 minutes, unable to complete the scenario because of this glich. Then today did a 25 minute run in a freight train, only for it to say I “failed” due to missing a stop that didn’t exist. I’d like to say these bugs wasted my time (since I don’t get a checkmark to a completed scenario; but honestly, the journey, not the destination is what gets me going in these games.

Got a dual monitor setup now. It’s great because I can now have the PC in one screen, and my PS4 or Switch in another. Plus I can articulate the screens so I can watch TV in my bed.

This weekend has been a lot about gaming, what to play, what rules to enforce. “Play one game at a time”, for example versus playing too many games at once. I find it’s best just to enjoy whatever it is at the moment and not think too much into it. I can’t allow gaming to become a chore.

And that’s about it for the weekend.

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