This week I’m determined to play through Yakuza 0. I’ve put in so many hours into it and it feels like I’m getting close to the ending. I don’t know what I’ll play after it though: Yakuza Kiwami? Yakuza 6? Nier Automata?

Ran another flight yesterday from San Francisco to San Diego in X-Plane 11. Ran into some keybinding issues with reverse thrust on landing and a warning about an incompatible airport, but despite that it turned out to be a pretty good flight.

I’d like to try more similar flights in P3D in the future, but I’m probably going to have to deal without ATC or AI Traffic as it’s a bit of an annoyance due to the buggy nature of it.

I think one of the biggest issues I have with P3D is the fact that the best Airbus A320’s available attaches Malware to your PC. On XP11, I have a very good comparable Airbus so I don’t need to install the malware ridden Airbus.

At the same time P3D has a wider selection of aircraft to chose from, a good mix of both short and long haul aircraft. XP11 only has short and medium haul aircraft to chose from.

Lastly, flying through parts of Socal in default X-Plane 11 looks terrible unless I use orthos, since there is no equivalent of Orbx texturing, and weather leaves a lot to be desired (disappearing clouds for example). Yet, despite the engine looks quite impressive and there’s always improvement in future releases.

I’m using both simulators in the meantime, but I wish I could just stick with just one. The main problem lies not so much in aircraft (I’m a Boeing fan anyway and I would rather just keep studying Boeing aircraft.), but in getting addons for particular airports. If I want to fly to KSAN for example, I have a great freeware addon scenery for it. I’d have to pay for a comparable P3D airport or stick with the default which looks absolutely terrible.

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