Weekly Update


Just another week has gone by. What’s new?

First, I finished Narcos, Season 1 and 2. Not sure what to do next:

  • Start Narcos Season 3
  • Finish Westworld Season 2
  • Watch Stranger Things Season 2
  • Start on Legion Season 1

On the anime side of things, I’ve started getting back into One Piece by reading the manga. I’m on Volume 18, Chapter 162…so quite a ways in. But considering there is about 88 volumes currently, I still have a long way to go before catching up with the series. Still…it’s really good.

I think what draws me into One Piece is the unique characters and their designs as well as a captivating story. Also, being a pirate setting, it’s unique in the sense that it gets away from the typical fantasy or high school anime/manga settings.

I haven’t played much in games this week. Mostly played The Crew 2, which is…okay? It’s nothing special but it’s fun in its own way. It reminds me of the need to be more selective in what games I pick. Some games sound great on paper, but in reality I’ll play just a little bit and get bored.

With that said, the next game on the horizon that I’m looking forward to is Octopath Traveller, coming out next Friday. I’ve played much of the demo and it’s a blast. I just hope the full game is just as good as the 3 hour chunk that I’ve played. In the meantime I’m not sure what to do since getting into another JRPG will undoubtedly take up a lot of my free time. Perhaps I’ll play something light, like One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

I haven’t done anything as far as simulators this week. Just too lazy to pull out my joystick or steering wheel. I did manage to (slowly) update P3D to version 4.3. It took a few days and some crashes…but finally got it fully installed onto my SSD and all the add-ons seem to be working so far.

In a way, it’s nice to take a break from simming. After a while I get too invested into it and I sometimes spend more time thinking about flying (i.e. which sim to fly, which plane to fly, where to fly, etc…) than I do actually flying. I get frustrated at times, particularly with the simulators crashing or my addons not doing what they should be doing…so stepping away from it is a good choice.

Next plan is to fly through northern Germany. I just picked up the C310R, which is a beautiful looking GA aircraft for P3D V4, so I’ll definitely be doing some flying soon.

Also got the MG Jesta Gundam model kit. I will receive it probably on Monday, and I’m looking forward to working with it as I’ve been away from model kit building for months.

With anime, since I’ve been at a standstill on what I want to watch the past week, I decided to check out a new series: Bakemonogatari. I heard good stuff about it, so hopefully I’ll like it.

So to sum it all, here’s my plan for next week:

TV: ??? (Probably Narcos Season 3)
Games: ??? (Probably One Piece Pirate Warriors 3)
Anime: Bakemonogatari
Manga: One Piece
Simulators: P3D – C310R over Northern Germany
Books: The Wheel of Time – Eye of the World
Model Kits: MG Jesta Gundam
D&D: No plans this week
Drawing: No plans this week.

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