Weekly Update

Hello World,

Not much the last couple weeks regarding flight simming. I went back into gaming for the time being to catch up on some stuff.

While I love flying, sometimes it can be a bit much with keeping up on addons, downloading orthos, etc. Yet sometimes when I do go out and fly, I feel somewhat bored. “Hey I’m in the air…okay now what?”. I’ll just sit there for 45 minutes watching the virtual scenery. At a certain point, even FSEconomy isn’t enough to break that boredom.

When it gets to that point, it’s okay to take a break. I do plan on hopefully taking another flight in a few days, perhaps from Cologne to Hamburg. I haven’t decided on which simulator to use yet, but I’m leaning a bit towards P3D since there’s some aircraft I’d like to fly with it, and I have Orbx’s excellent Germany scenery as well. On the other hand I have all of Germany rendered in ortho in XP11, and a ton of great GA aircraft as well.

But alas, the focus is on gaming. I’m keeping things simple and not too overwhelming which usually kills my desire to play games. Right now I am just playing The Witcher 3 and the demo for Octopath Traveller for the Switch. My other free time is spent watching My Hero Academia and WWE events.

In other news, picked up some game cases for the Switch and 3DS. It’s really nice to have my entire game library fit in the palm of my hand, which is something I can’t say for the PS4.

I also got a couple art books. One is the Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia (Book 3 in the Zelda art series). The second is a book on the art of Magic the Gathering, which I don’t really play but I love the fantasy artwork.

So with the next three days off from work, what are my plans?

  • Flight through Germany
  • Play the Witcher 3
  • Play Octopath Traveller
  • Watch My Hero Academia

Along with that, I would also like to:

  • Pick up on Assassin’s Creed Origins again
  • Play Monster Hunter Stories
  • Play House Flipper
  • Play Farming Simulator 2017
  • Play Blazblue Calamity Trigger
  • Watch Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Run another Euro Truck Simulator route
  • Practice starting up the F/A 18 Hornet
  • Work on Car Mechanic Simulator
  • Play Horizon Zero Dawn

Phew! Long list, but there’s so much I’d like to do the next three days. At least I have some stuff I’d like to do though.

Anyways have a good week!

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