Dungeons and Dragons

Hey guys!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted, so it’s time for an update. Where am I at, what am I doing?

First of all, I started playing D&D. I had my first game last week. This isn’t a spur of the moment “Hey let me do this because it sounds cool!” thing, but it’s something I’ve developed an interest over the years…since I’ve played Baldur’s Gate and text-based MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) back in 1998-1999 in fact.

The problem back then was that while I had a group of nerdy friends, we never really considered doing something like D&D, and while I was aware pen-and-paper RPGs were a thing (in fact I used to participate in a Star Wars AOL-Based chat RPG in “The Cantina” using character sheets and stuff), I never could get a group together, let alone afford the books, dice, etc to get involved in a Tabletop RPG.

Still, I fell in love with the concept and even the universe of D&D’s Forgotten Realms. Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep, Neverwinter, the Sword Coast, and the multi-planar universe…it was all an amazing concept to me…all this lore available! Drows, Barbarians, Drizzt Do’urden…so cool!

A few years ago while I was standing watch on my ship, the Officer of the Deck mentioned he was a big D&D fan and suggested I find some groups to play. There were some on the ship in fact that played (although they were in the middle of a campaign). I put it under serious consideration, and every once in a while I’ll tell my sister “One of these days I’m going to join a D&D group”. But put that on-hold until well…last week?

I don’t know what really spurred me. I was feeling somewhat in the dumps, kinda bored with life, and thus far had a rather uneventful year and I saw the D&D Starter set for $20. I figured…why not? Worse case I’ll never find a group and I’m out $20…best case I am hooked for life and with a new hobby.

Later that day I cracked open the box, started reading the rulebook and the adventure that came with it. I was hooked, excited…if only I knew how to play I can hopefully make this adventure more accessible to some of my friends.

So I picked up the D&D Player’s Guide at Barnes & Noble the following day and poured through it. Before I knew it I was thinking of character ideas at work, looking up local group listings during my breaks, and I had my first game on Wednesday.

I played as a Wood Elf Ranger and had a lot of fun, for the most part being new I stood back and watched others play while I waited my turn. Every once in a while I’ll do something to participate, such as tying up a badguy, saving the innkeeper’s daughter from an inn that caught on fire, and lobbing arrows at hidden goblins. The session went up to 11:30 at night and I was understandably exhausted the following day for work…but I had so much fun.

I’ve invited my friends to a game that’s happening tomorrow. I really hope they can make it and they have fun. I had to pick up some stuff to “enhance” the game, such as a grid mat, extra dice, pencils, index cards, graph paper, etc. But that is all a part of the fun. I’m doing all the DM prep-work, drawing the maps, fleshing out the NPCs, figuring out ideas for the narrative, studying up on spells, enemies, combat, etc. I think they’ll have a lot of fun :).

There’s also a DM/Player Meet and Greet coming up today. I’m a bit nervous about meeting new people and I don’t know what to expect but I hope I can make it.

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