A followup from the last post. Just did a session on VATSIM. It was actually quite relaxing. I flew from Ellensburg, WA back to Paine Field in Everett.

Unfortunatly the entire trip there was no ATC communication at Seattle Center. I had to use Unicom. At the same time there were a few others flying around the area using the same text-based frequency so I sorta copied what they were doing.

It was still a great trip, and thanks to the training videos from PilotEdge I feel more comfortable speaking to ATC. It’s certainly not realistic, but there’s sort of a nice feeling that I don’t have to worry about swapping frequencies, airspace violations, deviations, or anything else that could be bad news.

It ultimatly end with a couple questions. Do I want to replicate what it is like in real life, so if I do take flying lessions I’ll be confident and comfortable with complex procedures. Fly primarily a C-172 because I may not be comfortable with using other aircraft? Stuck in Southern California? Or do I want to have a more casual experience, fly around in a variety of aircraft…a Piper, a KingAir, a 737? Go all around the world for fun? Enjoy the scenery and the joy of flying?

It’s a tough question. Basically I either study the real thing, or simply have fun.

I think I may do both. I’ll keep studying the procedures and the speak from PilotEdge’s training videos. I don’t have to worry so much about being yelled at for deviations, or feel obligated to use the service because I’ll be paying $20/month for it. VATSIM is free and a lot less stressful, and I can practice without too much worry. Eventually I can build up the courage to go back to PilotEdge and not be so stressed out.

It also gives me time at home to take care of personal things and time to play with others on other games (such as ESO)…which is really important.

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