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Well, I requested today off a month ago. Came to work today and was told…”Why are you here?” Whoops! I came back home and now enjoying the day off.

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Woke up at 12:30AM thinking about setting up Gloomhaven for some reason. Going to refrain from that board game for now as I’m trying to limit my focus to just a few areas, primarily Magic: The Gathering.

Now I’m not quite skilled yet, I play a few games online each night, primarily with prebuilt decks to get a hold of what my strengths and weaknesses are, what strategies I work best at, what colors I’m good at…that sorta thing.

I did create a real paper prebuilt white deck and have been tweaking it the past few days. I also replicated the deck in MTG: Arena to see how well it plays and what I can do to refine it. I find it really depends on the opponent I encounter. Some are average like me, and I found a few of them drop out of frustration or just run through a bit of bad luck…others are incredibly skilled and completely destroy me within 5 minutes.

I’m playing primarily Core 2020 cards, but I’ll be incorporating some of the cards from the previous expansion sets. My goal is this: Buffs and/or Life restoration. I have quite a few cards that say “Give +x/+x to a creature” and a few that say “Gain x life when…”. I’d like to incorporate both types of cards, if possible.

I’m also planning on building a Black deck. I’ll have to go through the cards and figure out what goes with what. My overall end game though is to incorporate both black and white and make a really cool black/white multicolored deck.

With all that said, I’m finding deckbuilding a lot of fun. I thought it would be the least interesting aspect, but finding out what works with what, and operating within some boundaries has made it incredibly enjoyable, almost as much as playing the game.

Well that’s it for now, I’m going back to bed and will enjoy the rest of my day off.

2 thoughts on “MTG Stuff

  1. Gloomhaven is kinda neat. Takes a lot of time and space, though, and I’m not a huge fan of how the campaign develops; it feels quite… I guess “incoherent” is the word to describe it. Your mileage may vary, mind; I suspect many of the things I’m not a huge fan of relate more to the fact the people I play it with aren’t able to get together very often, so there’s often a long period between sessions.

    Mechanically, it’s cool. There’s a lot of variety to the classes and the way the cards are used for different things works really nicely. Progression is interesting and the “legacy” aspect works well. You just need to really *commit* to it if you’re going to play it, though, so you’re probably wise to hold off on it for a bit if you have other stuff on your plate!

    • That’s kinda how I feel. After half an hour of setting up, I played solo midway through the first round and felt that it was a good game that needs a long-term commitment. If that was the only board game I own, then it would be no problem. But I keep thinking to myself that I could be playing maybe a shorter game such as Descent, Imperial Assault, or Zombicide: Black Plague. I stuffed everything back into the box and said “Maybe another day”. It’s been about a month since.

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