This week

Not too much going on this week. Back on my meds this week. After a two week absence, I didn’t really know how much the lack of it would impact me. With ADHD-PI (or ADD as it’s commonly known), I just found a lack of motivation, particularly at work to do basic day-to-day tasks. I took it this afternoon and after about an hour I began to really feel the impact. I liken it to having the energy of caffeine without the crashes or negatives from it.

There’s much excitement about the new Witcher trailer for Netflix. So much in fact, I’m considering going back to the books and starting back from book one (the short stories). I’ve read it already, but would love to dive back into that world and lore. It’s also been quite a while since I’ve read a good book series…so this is a good jumping off point for that.

Also in the mood for The Witcher 3. I figure I’m reading the books, may as well play (and one day finish) the game. With the series coming out in “Late 2019”, with focus, I can hopefully finish the game along with the book series in time for the TV series.

I’m plateauing in Magic: The Gathering. Basically I have enough cards to create some pretty decent decks, the only thing I can do is show up once a week, play a game with real people, and sharpen my skills online with MTG: Arena. I’ve stuck around it for a few weeks now and still enjoy it immensely to the point where I picked up some art books (I just love the fantasy art). It’s just that good.

Picked up Fallout: The Board Game and a newer game called Res Arcana. Fallout looks like a blast, and I’m looking forward to setting it up and playing it. Being able to play it solo makes it so much better. However, I’ve been leaning a lot towards shorter, easy to set up card games; Res Arcana, although being a newer game, has some fantastic reviews and is something that my brother-in-law and I can play within 30 minutes.

Biggest problem is space, which I’m working out right now. Board games take up a lot of room…

Big hobby this week, however, is drawing. There’s a big sale going on Udemy and I picked up some drawing courses for $15 each (normally $200 each). I’m not sure what the catch is, but I’ll take it. Dusted off my Wacom tablet, got my iPad Pro/Apple Pencil charged up, and I’m good to go.

Don’t quite have the space for traditional sketching, which is a bummer. I simply need a bigger desk. I could draw on my bed…but really it’s not the medium or the software that matters, it’s what I make out if it.

Picked up some new figures this week. I cut back on a majority of my preorders and focusing on quality over quantity (because heavens, I way too many Japanese anime figures on display in my room as it is!). The latest purchase is from BigBadToyStore, and it’s a beauty.

I also have a few other figures to set up: Darth Vader, Arwen (from LOTR), Jyn Erso, and a Viking warrior. I also set up “Fighter Woman” by TBLeague which looks very good. It’s made from a Phicen body with custom head and armor. Looks wicked in person. Replaced the stand though with since it simply looks awful wrapped around the waist in the picture.

That’s about it for the week. Going back to work tomorrow, but I’m not too discouraged by it 🙂

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