The Groove of Life

In a world of limitless choice, I’ve struggled to figure out what exactly I like.

With games, there’s just so much endless possibility. Yet there are a few things that haven’t changed in years.

  • I like grand strategy games
  • I like roleplaying games (CRPGs)

As I start to get back into board games, I see a similar trend.

  • I like grand strategy games
  • I like roleplaying games (Tabletop)

I’ve tried to force myself to try playing different genres: first person shooters, JRPGs, hack and slash games, platformers, etc. While I enjoy them for one reason or another, I always go back to grand strategy games and roleplaying games.

I think much of it stems from the fact I actually enjoy figuring out how to play them. Sometimes I find reading the manuals, setting up my characters, and learning the mechanics of everything just as much fun as the game itself.

I enjoy simulators for much the same reason. Flight simulators for example…I get so bored during the flight, but spending a couple hours setting up the aircraft, my flight plan, and preparing for landing is what I really enjoy.

So I think it’s easy to narrow down, finally, what I’m really interested in and focus on just a few genres instead of a wide array of genres. I save more money, and I’m generally happier.

I’m still working on figuring out what I enjoy in books. Generally, fantasy novels are a niche that I really am into. I’m also into comic books. But I’m not quite there yet.

The same goes for television. I really like comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy series (and anime). Can’t say the same for much of anything else.

So there’s that.

One thought on “The Groove of Life

  1. Figuring out what you enjoy and focusing on that rather than jumping into things you feel “obliged” to engage with is so important. I ditched the kinds of games that don’t interest me (but which everyone says you “should” play) back in about 2010 or so, and I’ve had a much more rewarding, fulfilling gaming life ever since.

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