Monthly Update

The month of January took an interesting turn. I started off with a goal of working through my gaming backlog, primarily focusing on JRPGs. I ended it just watching TV.

It came out of the blue really. I found a good 4k TV for a good price, and I’ve been looking for a decent TV for a few years now. I also replaced my old soundbar for a better one with quality sound. Why not enjoy some movies, anime, and TV shows I’ve skipped out on?

Just yesterday I upgraded my TV provider. I get double the channels now, including ones I’ve missed the most since dumping Comcast a few years ago.

As a result, I’m spoiled for choice. On top of gaming, there’s now a huge backlog of TV shows I’m going to work my way through…but unlike gaming I don’t feel bogged down in game mechanics, boss battles, repetitive elements, etc. I just sit down, watch, and relax.

There are a few games I’d like to play though, just recently got Wargroove so I’ll try to play that today. I also got Resident Evil 2, but some of the difficulty (sparse save points, limited ammo, backtracking, difficult puzzles, etc) deter me from playing more. Lastly, I picked up Ace Combat 7 which I really do enjoy (as an aviation nerd), but haven’t put too much time into it. I haven’t picked up Kingdom Hearts 3 yet since I haven’t played any of the other games in the series. I might watch some playthroughs on YouTube or something before picking it up.

For now, I’m just enjoying watching some reality TV shows before I get into some different series on Netflix and such.

I have also been in the mood for simulators lately. Orbx has finished up their Great Britain scenery addon, but it comes at a steep cost. I also have to spend a few hours updating various addons before being able to get back into X-Plane 11. Did a few runs on Euro Truck Simulator 2 though, and that was fun I guess…also would like to play some Train Sim World if I have the time.

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