Here’s my list of upcoming and ongoing projects that I will carry on into 2019.


The big thing here is to cut down on my gaming backlog. I haven’t quite decided how to tackle this, but there are a few things that I’ll do that can help.

Stop purchasing games

This one is the most obvious, but the one most difficult to overcome, especially when there are countless deals on Steam or other eShops that sell discounted games for a few bucks. The big thing for me is to limit AAA games to about one a month, if that…

Stop playing “endless” games

This one is also very difficult, especially since I’m fond of certain endless game genres such as simulators, multiplayer games, or strategy games. I enjoy these types of games, but often feel as if I’m “wasting time” and feel less relaxed and enjoyed into the game as a result. A 3 hour flight from point A to point B might be fun at the beginning and end of the flight, but the 2 hours in between my PC is nothing but a glorified screensaver.

Focus on different levels of gaming

I haven’t quite worked this out yet, but my issue is that when I’m involved in a 100-hour JRPG, where do I find the time to squeeze in a 3-hour long Indie title or a 20-hour shooter? Do I focus 100% of my time on the JRPG until it’s done? That’s a quick way to get burned out…

My goal instead is to create a list of three games I’d like to play. Preferably one long game, one medium-length game, and one short game. I’m uncertain how often to cycle out this list, whether I cycle it daily, weekly, monthly, or keep it indefinite until each game in each category is “done”. I’ve been stunted today because I haven’t been in the mood for the three games on my list: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, NieR: Automata, and What Remains of Edith Lynch. So what do I do? Pick some new games to play? Find something else to do? I’m not sure yet…


As well as a gaming backlog, I also have a figure backlog. I have a lot of figures that I’d been meaning to put on display but haven’t due to the fear of breaking the value of the item…and the laziness involved in figure assembly and throwing away the boxes associated with the figures.

With that said, there’s a few key projects I have in mind:

  • 1/6 Scale Project.
  • Sort out Nendoroids.
  • Stop buying figures.

The 1/6 scale project is basically setting up my 1/6 scale figures I currently have and setting up a few new figures I have on order. I have Daenerys Targaryan, Link, Boba Fett, and Ada Wong currently awaiting to be put on display. I also have some imported figures and accessories that I’m going to be working on soon: Yuna from FFX and Supergirl. I’m also building a custom business suit girl from a hodgepodge of parts including a headscupt, a body, shoes, clothing, and accessories. I’m also considering obtaining a custom Dancer girl Harley Quinn since the Hot Toys variant I like has a creepy looking headsculpt. But I’m going to wait until the current figures are set up before purchasing any new ones.

I also have a lot of Nendoroids taking up half a shelf in the closet, unopened. There’s a place I already have in mind to display them that takes only 1/4 of the same space with every figure comes out unboxed, so it’s just a matter of me getting the figures set up. The problem is that it takes a while to set up each figure and I’m just too lazy to do it.

As far as anything else, purchases will be at a minimum. My goal is to focus more on quality figures, model kits, and LEGO sets since I have way too many 1/8 scale anime figures that are just taking up a lot of shelf space.

Model Kits/LEGOs

There’s also the other kits I’ll be working on. My next big project is the Saturn V Rocket. After that I have a Mega-Blox Pikachu as well as a bunch of smaller LEGO figures and other stuff. I also have a backlog of Gundam models (including Unicorn) that I’d like to visit sometime in the future…but one thing at a time.


I probably won’t focus as much on Manga as I will with anime. Not to say manga is inferior, but I prefer the audio/visual experience of anime, and with Hulu/Netflix/Crunchyroll, there’s no end to how much I can watch…just need to keep it easy for now.

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