Above the Hurdle

Today’s one of those rare days I finally find myself breaking through the mid-day exhaustion. Perhaps it was due to a nap I took earlier, or just that I have a lot of energy at the moment. Here’s my life update.

First, had a hard time dealing with contacts the last few weeks with America’s Best. Between the eye doctor saying “We’ll order your new contacts, just use these temporary in the meantime” to three weeks later “Oh no…you’re supposed to come in for a follow-up, we never ordered your new contacts” really got frustrating. Then coming in today I was told there was about a 5 minute wait for my follow-up, 30 minutes later I ask them what’s going on, and somebody somehow dropped the ball and forgot about me.

I ended up just saying no to contacts, that it wasn’t worth the effort to do this every six months, and bought myself a set of prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses that costed only $50 more. I figure the main reason I use contacts is to wear sunglasses when I’m driving, and that the sore eyes, removal/insertion, etc isn’t worth it.

In other news, I cancelled my iRacing subscription. It’s not bad, and quite fun actually. Yesterday I had another session where I placed last, but I enjoyed every minute of it. My main issue (and the issue I have with MMO’s) is that I don’t want to feel obligated to play a game due to the subscription costs. My interests change from week to week, and spending $15/month on something that I may play a few days a month for is not worth it.

In the meantime I’m sticking to Assetto Corsa. I also have Project Cars 2, and F1 2018 (coming in a few weeks), Forza 7, and Forza Horizons 3 to satisfy my racing needs.

In other news, I played through Kingdom New Lands yesterday. Beat the game after a few hours. It’s a lot of fun but it does get easy once you figure it out.

Next week I plan to focus on games. I’m not going to focus on any one in particular (my ADHD doesn’t work like that, I lose interest quickly), but just play whatever my mood is in for. I just played Titan Quest, for example…and plan on playing maybe Train Sim or Prepar3d. Who knows? *Shrugs* I’ll post updates as I go.

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