iRacing Impressions

So far, initial impression of iRacing is: it’s okay.

There’s some immersive things that I like from Assetto Corsa and especially Project Cars 2. Things like internal animations, roadside debris, working mirrors, weather effects, etc. I don’t really get that with iRacing.

What I get is a solid multiplayer racing experience. Additionally, the frame rate with my Oculus Rift was phenomenal, and I had a lot of fun running practice laps in the Honda MX-5.

Yesterday I felt I had the luxury of choice with racing games (Forza, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2), but with a subscription-based service such as iRacing, I don’t really feel the same way. I either must play the game…daily…or I’m throwing away money.

At the same time, it gives me the motivation to keep practicing in ways that the other two games wouldn’t. Getting a good lap time is a really big deal, and even if I’m in the bottom of the pack, I’m enjoying it a lot. That’s what matters, right?

I still have an entire month to decide. It’s a tough decision whether or not I want to keep the subscription, and I’m still mixed on the whole thing…but I’m just going to try to enjoy it.

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