In some ways, I think the last few months, I’ve been discontented. I spent a lot of time on games, but I feel in some ways that I wasn’t quite happy. I’m back to simming and I’m enjoying it a lot. Here’s what’s new since my last post:

Flew from Dusseldorf to Koblenz, Germany, right over Cologne. Then I flew from Koblenz to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Nuremberg, then Nuremberg to Munich, then Munich to Innsbruck, and from Innsbruck I landed at a small airfield in Trento, Italy. Next stop: Verona.


It’s been quite fun, and really relaxing. I’ve been playing around with a lot of airliners lately, and while they are fun…they take so long to set up and can be quite stressful at times. I can spend an hour or more just getting set up before I even take off (which is usually reserved for the weekends). Sometimes I just want to jump in and fly. I’m in a C182 which is essentially a more powerful, longer range C172.

Next I’ve just picked up the new update to Euro Truck Simulator 2, and the new Promods addon just came out late yesterday. There’s been some internal debate over whether I should include Promods or stick with vanilla (for events and such). I prefer realism over events, so I’m going to stick with Promods. I’ll at least get rid of some of the other mods I have as it was getting too difficult to manager.

I also picked up a new expansion to the Soldier Summit line for Train Simulator, but at the moment I’m running a few German routes in Quick Drive mode. Focusing mostly around the Munich area.

Not much else to talk about today. Just excited to get back into things. I’m also happy that my focus has been narrowed down instead of being so broad as it was last month.

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