So now is the time I begin cutting back on a lot of things in life.

For the most part, the last couple months have been me trying to find my place. In the process I’ve spent a bit of money on things that I suppose are unnecessary. If I want to take a trip to Europe next year, it’s now that I need to start turning things around.

So what’s the first thing to cut back on? Gaming. As much as I enjoy games, I simply can’t draw my attention to them for a long time. Maybe it’s my ADHD or something else, but with the exception of a few, they simply don’t interest me that much. It’s often hard enough trying to get into a television series, but to convince me to play a 60 hour game is too much.

I think I’ll be focusing on simulators for now. I’m deeply interested in aviation particularly, and while it feels like I don’t quite accomplish much with virtual flying, I find enjoyment in it. With that, I’ll still be making cutbacks. After the big Orbx scenery sale. I’m limiting myself to one or two addons per week.

So what do I plan for next week? I’m thinking of picking up either the Beechcraft F33A plus REP upgrade pack for XP11, or the Magestic Dash Q400 for P3D…or maybe the PMDG 737…or maybe a Piper Cub?

Not sure yet. Either way I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy.

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