New Shift

Start of a new week. Start of a new shift. I’ll be working more hours each day, but I’ll get three days off during the week. This is good and bad.

The bad news is that I’ll have less time in the evening to do what I’d like to do. This means I’ll have to cut back drastically on gaming. If I try to tackle a 40 hour RPG with one hour a night, it would take me over a month to play just one game. I just don’t have that sort of patience.

So I’ll devote some hours each night during the week to catching up with anime/TV. I think that’s a good idea since I have so many shows I’d like to watch: DBZ, Darling in the Franxx, Persona 4 (the anime), Stranger Things, Narcos, Westworld, etc.

I plan on spending my free time during the 3 days off with simulators and gaming. Perhaps with simulators set as a higher priority?

Simulators are another thing I’ve been struggling with balancing with gaming. On one hand, I really like truck/train/flight simulators and can spend hours on them. On the other hand, at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. When I have my plane in autopilot in the middle of a 3 hour flight…it’s like “Okay, now what?”. I could stare at the screen for 3 hours, or I could play a game on my PS4 or watch something on Netflix.

I don’t know, I guess I’m not the best at multitasking. The hyperfocus of my ADHD keeps me entranced into one activity at a time…the more I try to break that, the more stressed out I get, and I fall hard on my face :(.

Anyways, with gaming, my list this week is this:

Switch: Super Mario Odyssey
PS4: Yakuza 6
Ace Attorney Trilogy: Phoenix Wright

With Simulators, my plans this week is this:
X-Plane 11: Fly a 737 for my Virtual Airline. Perhaps from KSEA to KORD. I’d also like to plan a cross-country GA flight from Amsterdam to Rome to replicate my real life travel plans; I want to fly in the beautiful DA-62 for this journey.
Euro Truck Simulator 2: Play just a little bit of it. Hopefully try to match the same travel plans.
Train Simulator: Nothing really. I might travel through the UK or something.
DCS World: No big plans. Probably do some practice in the Mirage 2000 or the A-10C Warthog.

That’s it for now. Might do some more blogging during my downtime here at work. Have a good week!

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