This week it feels like I’m in the act of life simplification. It became a bit complex after I reorganized my room, moved my consoles around, and picked up some new games.

I cut back immensely on my to-do list. I had pages of things I wanted to do, it was overwhelming. Now the list is cut back to:

  • Play Final Fantasy XIII
  • Read Dragon Ball manga
  • Listen to Harry Potter audiobook
  • Watch an anime (haven’t decided on one yet)

It opens up my evenings and makes me less likely to get frustrated going to appointments and such because I have “so many things” I want to do at home.

Reading manga has also been a great boon. I can read an entire chapter of Dragon Ball within 5 minutes. Compare that to spending 20-25 minutes watching an anime episode of that same chapter. When you add all that up, it can add to dozens of hours of extra filler that I can read in a few hours in the manga.

Not only that, but manga is the source material, so I read the original vision and intent of the author, and not an interpretation by a studio.

Lastly, particularly with Dragon Ball. It’s hard to find online. Funimation and Hulu has the original series, but nobody seems to have DBZ Kai. I don’t want to spend dozens of hours watching the original DBZ with all the filler.

Anyways, other than entertainment. I’m supposed to look up some people on OKCupid as a suggestion from my psychologist. Not sure why she’s so insistent on me getting out and dating. I really don’t care too much about it. But I’ll have to find an explanation on why I haven’t done it in over 3 weeks since our last visit.

But there’s my week. I’m going to just make time to relax and enjoy it, while making it as simple as possible.

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