Simulators and Games

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I picked up the new Woodhead route for Train Simulator and it plays great. I completed three scenarios (two rather poorly unfortunately), but I still had a good time.

In Train Sim World: Great Western Express, I finished a scenario that I wasn’t able to finish before, the trick is to not save or request to pass a red signal, otherwise it’ll break the scenario.

Something I’m going to have to do is limit the amount of times I save/reload a scenario in both Train Sim World and Train Simulator. It seems best to save every time I stop. It’s frustrating though, saving is essential because if I run into some issue or the software crashes, I’ve lost over 45 minutes of game time. But if I save at the wrong time, a light might not trigger, or an AI train might not trigger at the right time causing an accident elsewhere on the map.

In general gaming news, now that I have a good setup for my PS4/Switch/PC, I found it eliminates me double-dipping in purchasing multiple games. Before I had a gaming PC, I used the PS4 primarily for gaming, and games such as The Witcher 3 was one of the big purchases I made, which I put over 20 hours into it. I was frustrated at the time because the text was very difficult to read across the living room, even with a good set of glasses.

After I purchased a gaming PC I saw The Witcher 3 on a steam sale for a good deal and picked it up there for the enhanced graphics and 60 FPS gameplay. While I put 5 hours into it, I had to force my way through much of it. When I knew the outcome of the story (and in such a massive game), I felt I had to skip through most of the side quests just to catch up. That for me is not fun at all.

I ended up reinstalling The Witcher 3 for the PS4, while it’s not going to look or play as good as the PC, it should in no way hinder my enjoyment of the story. I’ll just have to remember what I was doing last time I was playing (I was somewhere in Skellige).

I’m also playing through Total War: Rome II. I plan on doing a couple turns a day since I can easily spend an entire night playing it. What happens at a certain point after prolonged play is I start getting bogged down and end up rushing things to get to the next turn, which usually ends in disaster. As Rome, I’ve kicked out the Etruscan League out of the peninsula and will finish them off in Corsica before turning south towards Syracuse and Carthage.

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