Finding my Gaming Groove

I find myself with a lot more free time these days. With that I grow bored of simming all the time.

Pulling out the heavy joystick, rudder pedals, Oculus Rift (or TrackIR), waiting for the program to load, setting up my flight plan, looking up a start-up procedures. It can be quite complicated and exhausting. Especially if I’m playing a combat sim where I’ll probably end up getting destroyed by SAM, AAA, or other aircraft. Too much of it can feel like a job…especially if I’m unfamiliar with the aircraft.

Racing sims are the same. It can be a pain to pull out the wheel, stick, and pedals; get them bolted down to the desk; pull out the Oculus, and then spend 10 minutes of setting up just for a few laps around a track.

So what about other games? Lately I’ve been trying some different genres, but haven’t found a genre I’m really into. Some of the big budget AAA games feel too linear, that I’m playing an open-ended movie while getting distracted by hoards of bad-guys who keep getting in my way from the main story. I feel like the time invested could just be used in watching a good series on Netflix instead…heck I feel like just opening a “Lets Play” on YouTube and watching someone play for me, while skipping the boring parts.

I’m bouncing back and forth between two MMORPGs. FFXIV is finally starting to get good now that I’m finally done with the main story and on to the expansion content. But it feels way too grindy at times, and the story (again) makes me feel like there’s a fast forward button.

Elder Scrolls Online is okay. But too repetitive at times as well. I swear if I walk past another dungeon with an NPC standing in front of it asking for my help. I’m just going to punch that NPC in the face.

Tried exploring some CRPGs. Played through Skyrim and kept bouncing back between wanting to be some cool Nordic Warrior, a Wood Elf archer, or a Breton Mage. I spent more time on that stupid intro sequence than actually playing the game…which is a problem I have with nearly every CRPG. I can’t just enjoy playing from one perspective. I think the Witcher 3 is the only notable example of a CRPG that I can enjoy given I can’t change the look or class of Geralt. And that I do like!

Now I find myself exploring some strategy games. I played a bit of Total War: Warhammer and found it enjoyable. Two hours of my morning were gone with “Just one more turn” in effect. I ended up screwing up by engaging in a two front war and couldn’t be arsed to roll back to a previous save. I just said “Screw it” and let the enemy AI decimate my armies and my cities…and you know what? For once, I didn’t regret it.

I’m going to try a few more strategy games. I really hope I can find my niche. But it seems like sims is the only thing I’m really into at the moment *shrugs* :(.

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