What can I say about life? So far it’s been good. This’ll be a brief post (a bit of Freewriting tonight I guess? It’s midnight so whatever…)

Doing really well at my job (more on that later). It seems like much has changed since last year in which there were a lot of unknowns. For 2016, I mostly have to stay the course and keep focused on self-improvement. How do I do that? I don’t know yet. My interests change from week to week, so I can’t simply guess if next month I’ll be all about learning Japanese or German, writing, drawing, video gaming, music, anime, model kits, programming, etc.

I used to hate it…just never having any sort of consistancy in life. Now I realize that’s simply the norm. I blame ADHD.

Anyway, this week it’s been mostly about Final Fantasy XIV. Got up to level 52 on my Dragoon. Played a Bard from 1 to 46 in less than a week too. Bard kinda bores me but I won’t give up on it yet.

Getting a new PC soon. I love my laptop, love my consoles…but I want to play some MMOs and stuff…

No plans for the weekend, I guess go back to some games? Gotta catch up to the Expanse…really good show.

So much I want to do, always little time. Going to bed now.

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