Getting there…

Picked up some good blogging tools this morning. Brought up some new ideas for content as well. Funny how I’m blogging about how I’m going to blog, but that’s the beauty of being able to say whatever I want :).

I’m building my social media “Identity”. Basically, to be myself, I have to cater content to what I like. Putting pictures of dogs and what I ate for lunch is fine and dandy for maybe a Facebook post. But what if I want to post a picture of some art? Perhaps a piece I wrote about a new game? My thoughts on some E3 announcement? Well, there’s not a lot of people on Facebook honestly gives a rats ass about that given that it consists of mostly former co-workers or family.

That’s what “Something About Scott” is about. It’s a separation of my hobbiest self and my personal self. I can post pictures of my latest Gunpla projects, how I’m doing in web development projects, or how my Japanese studies are without judgement or criticism. It’s an interesting concept, but one that makes sense.

Last year, when I started this separation, it was a step in the right direction. Twitter and Tumblr was fantastic in this regard. I created an identity “Otaku Sukotto” and branched out to people with similar anime/otaku interests. My feed exploded and I had so much fun sharing content I liked. Over time, that identity has switched to a more broad identity since I’m not *just* an anime fan…I love many different things.

Last night, I posted a picture of a cool Splatoon T-Shirt design from TeePublic, I recieved 0 views and comments on Facebook. I posted the same image on Tumblr, and I have close to 40 “Likes” and counting.

What that tells me is either
A. My real life friends suck (they don’t)
B. I’m talking nerdy stuff to people that have know idea what I’m talking about.

…and that’s why I have to keep things separated.

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