Another Month, Another Post

Hey guys!

Life can be pretty hectic, take in case everything since December. I’ve been doing some transitional stuff in the Navy, going from Sea Duty to Shore Duty…while at the same time I’m transitioning to my future civilian life outside the Navy.

But you know what? I’m pretty darned happy. So today, while it’s 50-something degrees out and sunny here in Seattle, it’s a nice opportunity to get out of the house and do some blogging.

One of the things I do to manage my ADD is to create artificial limitations. It’s a necessity otherwise I’d go nuts and never finish anything I start…this blog for instance :). Without further ado, here is my list of what I plan on accomplishing for the rest of February:

Primary Console: Final Fantasy XIV
Handheld Console: Monster Hunter 4
Model Kits: Beargguy 144 HG (or RG? Gotta look at the box again).
Anime: One Piece
Comics: X-Men
Studies: Japanese Language
Writing: Character Ideas for Sci-Fi story
Art: Draw random comic heroes
Music: Nothing this Month

As far as what I accomplished in the last few weeks? Finished Deathscythe Hell and Bandai Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Advanced…and that’s about it.

So yeah. It’s been busy but with things slowing down, I can try to get back on track :). Anyways, here’s some random pics:

Beargguy Work In Progress

Beargguy Work In Progress

My Level 24 Lancer on FFXIV

My Level 24 Lancer on FFXIV

Languages I'm studying

Languages I’m studying

Char's Zaku II remodelled

Char’s Zaku II remodelled

Tie Fighter Advanced - Finished

Tie Fighter Advanced – Finished

X-Wing WIP

X-Wing – Work in Progress

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