Gunpla Update

Gunpla Update

Hello world. I’m stuck at work this weekend, but I’m not going to let that stop me from posting Gunpla updates. Here goes!

Gundam Deathscythe Hell Update
I’ve made some good progress with the Gundam Deathscythe Hell. The main body is done, all that is left is the Active Cloak and his weapon, which I hope to finish next week. The biggest change with this model from the Rick Dias is that I’m filing out the rough sprue marks where the runner is separated from the part. This has doubled the time it takes to build the model, but it’ll save me a lot of time trying to fix these issues when trying to apply the initial topcoat.

Mk II preview

I also received the Gundam Mk-II from Gundam Zeta. I love the design and the color scheme. I’ve been watching the series at the same time, so building the models as I see them in action is a rather unique experience.

I’ve also received my Zaku II (Char Ver.) replacement kit. It’ll probably be my next build since I am very eager to get Char’s Mobile Suit back on display, looking better than before!

During my latest trip to Hobbytown USA, I came across a 1/100 Scale MG Wing Zero Proto kit. This kit will bring some memories since this is the first Gunpla kit I built back in Christmas of 1998. In 2003, I created a 3D Generated model of this Gundam (which I still have a copy of, somewhere…). And now in 2014, I’m building a 1/100 scale with all the skills I’ve acquired through the years. It’ll be an awesome build!

So at this point, with three pending projects…I’ll be knee deep in busy-work for the next few months (not to mention some other non-Gundam projects), so I’ll put a hold on other kits for now. My wish-list is still packed with some other great ideas, but those projects will be months down the line.

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