Oh Nos!

While my Char Zaku II custom was a “test” kit so I don’t ruin any of my better kits while learning some new techniques, I finally ruined it.


I sprayed some of Testors Brand Topcoat, as suggested by a Gunpla Enthusiast at HobbyTown USA. Perhaps his paints were different than mine because immediately after I sprayed the coat, it caused the previous paint to run across the Zaku II, which ruined the decals and made salvaging very difficult. In other words, Char is going to be pissed!

I now have a replacement kit in the mail. I really love the Zaku II and it deserves a bit more than the hack job that I put into it during my previous build.

In the meantime, I have my Gundam Deathscythe work in progress this weekend. I’ll be moving to a new room to work on my models (the laundry room) to make it easy to set up and work on the fly, in between my real job and whatever else I’m doing around the house.


I have some more updates to come this weekend!

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