Back to work…

Finished up my Christmas vacation and back to work this week. I can’t really say I miss it, but who can honestly say “Wow, I love my job!” unless you work for Mythbusters or for the Porn industry.

Most of us only watch Mythbusters for Kari Byron anyway…

I recently (re)discovered Backloggery and sorted most of my library into their database. It’s basically a gaming tracker similar to Goodreads, where you add games to your library and track how far your into each game. With such a large collection to keep track of, I sometimes find myself more demotivated to play games. It’s like going from 3 channels on the TV to over 500. From “This is the only thing on…looks like I have no choice to enjoy it!” to “Ughh 500 channels and there’s nothing on…”. I guess there’s some sort of science/psychology behind this phenomena, something to look up later.

Of course, when you have so much quality educational programming choices to chose from on, especially on The Learning Channel…why would you need any more channels?

What I especially enjoy is finding people with similar game interests on that site. I’m into some weird games, so when I encounter someone talking about Call of Duty or Madden, it’s hard to relate “Oh yeah, I can’t wait to play some Persona 4 Golden and 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 later…you didn’t catch that? It’s the new Legend of Heroes title…you never heard of Legend of Heroes either? Yeah…well so far only one game of the 7 game series has been published in the US…but you should definitely import it anyway!” Yeah…essentially my gaming conversations come out pretty dry…

Yeah…shoot that badguy with that gun!

So yeah, slow week so far. I got a few new figures from December that I’ll need to post online sometime later. Other than that…just gotta keep gaming :).

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