My collection

So last weekend I traded in a few more games. At this point I feel my game collection more or less “complete”. I’ve picked up most of the games I’ve lost/sold over the years (for the sake of archiving), some of the titles I’ve missed, and some newer titles released this year.

The only area that has some gaps is my portable handheld collection, but I don’t play my DS and PSP nearly as often. When I am on the bus I am afraid someone will snatch it from me, I can’t play it at work, and at home I end up just playing on the console. So it’s hard to justify purchasing more games for an unused system, especially with my “Unfinished” stats sitting at 66% on the console games.

I could with more PS1 games…if I could find them. EBGames/Gamestop stopped selling them years ago, and Amazon/eBay have many of the titles going for insane amounts of cash…$120+ in some cases. I’m sure I can find some of the older games at flea markets or yard sales, but with Winter just starting, I doubt there will be very many people selling their used goods in 20 degree weather.

So anyway, the next few months I am going to focus more on just having “fun” rather than lowering my percentage. What’s the point of forcing myself to finish God of War 2 when I want to have fun in Morrowind (which I beat many years ago), for example.

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