Hey all!

Hey, after months of no posts on my blog, I finally should have enough content and ideas to start posting stuff here. I’ll be posting mostly reviews, opinion pieces, and other fun stuff that I enjoy. I’ll be focusing mostly on games, books, music, movies, etc.

I’ll will link this to my Backloggery page as it will be my primary review page. It’s going to be fun mmkay? 🙂

For my first post, I just want to bring up to speed where I am in the gaming world. I just sold off a bunch of old games and starting “fresh” so I have enough credit to payoff several games coming out this season along with a few backlogged games. A huge reason I sold a lot of my older games was because I either played a tiny portion of the game to find out it’s not really my taste or I finished it and have no desire to play it again.

My plan for tonight and tomorrow will be to try to play through as much of Gears of War as possible before the rush of new games. Saints Row 2 and Dead Space will be coming out this Tuesday with Rock Band 2 coming out on Sunday. I’ve never finished the original Saints Row and have very little desire to do so (with the new one being bigger and better than the first game). The only reason I would feel compelled to finish Saints Row 1 would be to finish up the first story (which will already be spoiled by the second game)…but I’d most likely do that in a few months from now, after the 2nd game is completed.

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